So WHO is Mariah Green anyway?

So often I describe myself solely as a wedding planner (because hello, I LOVE my job!) but there are a couple other things that make me, ME.  Here are 17 things you should know about your future wedding planner!


1.  Tea makes my heart happy. In particular green tea (antioxidants anyone?!) with steamed almond or soy milk. All of the local coffee shops know my order by heart - the addiction is real!! 

2. When my two girlfriends and I traveled to South Africa I bungee jumped off the highest bungee jump in the world! I have never had more adrenaline pumping through my body but man, it was fun! And no, I will NEVER do it again!

3. Wedding fact: when my beautiful couples have their first dance I'm the one sobbing in the corner! I can't help it - I'm a hopeless romantic at heart!! 

4. I grew up in Big Sur along the most beautiful stretch of the Pacific Ocean but I have never been surfing. The cold, dark Pacific scares me!! I will soak in its beauty and nourishing powers from afar for now. 

5. I loved Brussels sprouts before they were cool, I make my own kombucha and have eaten out of mason jars since grade school. OG cool girl, am I right?! 

6. I am a total home body when I'm not working on a wedding. Chances are I'm in bed with a book by 9pm. I've come to be okay with my grandma status over the years. Do what makes your HEART and SOUL happy!  

7. I love the solitude and peace of deserts. Joshua Tree, Santa Fe, Moab and Taos are some of my very favorite places to visit (and plan weddings!)

8. I absolutely LOVE to cook. Cooking for friends and family is my favorite way to decompress and destress. 

9. Before I decided to pursue wedding planning I was on the path to becoming a firefighter! I even went as far as joining the local volunteer fire department.  I have the utmost respect for firefighters and who knows, maybe one day I will pursue that career path again but for now you'll find me creating mood boards and chatting with florists at my fave local coffee shop! 

10. My mom and dad are my inspirations, my supporters and my best friends. They are the most beautiful humans! 

11. I love odd numbers and 11 is my lucky charm! 

12. Wedding fact: Yes, I do dream about my own wedding and it's going to either be in the snow or in the desert...  I hope my future husband is on board with extreme landscapes because your girl is all about it! 

13. I love road tripping and can't wait to continue checking out more cool towns across the US! Let me know if you want to bring this girl to your town to plan your dream wedding! I'll bring my organization and event management skills, design sense, calm demeanor and work ethic so all you have to focus on is loving up on your soulmate! 

14. 88% dark chocolate is the way to my heart. Every time. Add sea salt and I'm done for. 

15. Owning my own business has been the craziest mix of rewarding, challenging, stress-inducing and  magical experience of my life. I owe so much to all of my amazing couples who have put their faith in my abilities. I love each and every one of them!! 

16. I grew up in a one room cabin on a ridge in a remote part of Big Sur with no indoor shower, no refrigerator, no microwave, no TV, no internet and we didn't even have a phone for over six months! 

17. Okay, that is enough about me, now I want to hear about YOU! I can't wait to get to know you and help you plan your dream wedding!!!